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Solutions based on ISPEN

Based on ISPEN products we develop ISPEN solutions complying with the customers individual requirements.

Available solutions at present are:

Emergency operation

Forecasting the n-1 security level of the remaining hours today and for the hours of next day is most helpful. Forecasting is based on a virtual network. In order to build a virtual network, schedules are needed as:
- planned outages
- planned production
- planned power exchange betwenn regulated zones

Emergency operation is applied if the SCADA/EMS system is out of service. A virtual nerwork is built based on schedules. A better reult can be achieved if there is access to at least some measured data. Basde on these data, a network is estimated (quasi estimated network).

Power flow optimization (OPF) is a method to improve the operational and economic objectives. We are experienced in implementing power flow analysis and optimization algorithms.