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IPFA Interactive Power Flow Analysis

Interactive Power Flow Analyser ISPEN/IPFA is a stand-alone tool to simulate interactively network behavior considering user-selected situations. Networks and their state are defined by UCTE-formatted files. Any situation can be simulated using a virtual network, contingencies as well as operatings procedures or planning of network additions.
The UCTE format for load flow definition is widely known and used by planners and dispatchers

ISPEN/IPFA complements the OCD-Tool with a comprehensive user shell that allows use of the same algorithms in an offline planning environment. With this powerful simulator tool box, there is no limit anymore to the analytical power of your staff.

Data input are UCTE formatted files as with the ISPEN/OCD. With IPFA, these files can now be edited to adapt both the load estimation and the network model. Among the possible applications are:

- Day ahead congestions forecasts (DACF)
- Forecasting/Planning of trade solutions
- Sensitivity analysis
- Differential load flow (comparing cases)
- Simulation of counter measures against contingencies
- Stability analysis
- Risk analysis
- Scanning a network for critical elements
- Simulation of future elements and their benefits to the current network
- Investigation and re-play of critical situations
- Scientific research

Up to 2000 load distributions can be stored, compared, analysed in the blink of an eye. ISPEN/IPFA runs on a simple inexpensive PC or even a notebook for the travelling engineer.

By loading more than one definition files, it is possible to simulate a combination of overlapping areas, e.g. a regional a precisely estimated local network within a larger surrounding area. In fact, the whole UCTE reference network can be loaded.

Distributed slack can be defined and configured.

The package runs on a single PC or notebook with MS Windows XP. The user interface allows comfortable yet efficient operation.

Generation for rescheduling
Load for load-shedding
Taps of out-of-phase controlled transformers
corrective switching of the lines to alter transfer impedances of the network