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EPS Software Engineering AG
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About us

The scientific and algorithmic nucleus has been developed by Intercompro AG in Zürich, Switzerland. The company was founded 1976 by Dr. Ingemund Nordanlycke, a noted expert in the field of solving network equations by the use of computer algorithms and author of many scientific publications.

EPS AG, based in Wil, Switzerland, a member of the 4it holding group, provides the marketing and IT-integration part and platform migrations. EPS is providing special software for the Swiss TSO Swissgrid and its predecessors (Etrans, EGL) since three decades.

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EPS Software Engineering AG
Mr. Roland Spycher
Pestalozzistr. 27
CH-9500 Switzerland
Phone +41 71 914 40 50
Fax +41 71 911 13 87

all e-mails to "roland dot spycher at eps dot ch" will of course be answered too. Sorry for the encrypted address, but we do not want to keep the spammers laughing.